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Ayurvedic Modern Miracle Facial - Our Specialty!

Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems. It was developed thousands of years ago in India. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. The primary focus of Ayurveda is to promote good health.

Balance, Radiance, Nutrient Infusion and Purficiation are achieved with this facial. The benefits of expertly blended pure essential oils and uniquely formulated rare herbs and botanicals are further enhanced by the Sundari marma point massage, calming the mind and spirit.

'Linda can work magic from head-to-toe...her super-special Sundari facial is the perfect pre-event service and a reflexology session can melt away stress and rev up energy levels at the same time. I enjoy trying the always cool new treatments she offers. Thanks!' Elizabeth D.

Faces First Signature Facial $70.00

Rejuventate, Relax & Detoxify yourself & your skin with the Faces First Signature Facial. Includes a skin analysis, deep steam & cleanse, exfoliation, pimple & blackhead extraction, soothing mask and face, neck & shoulder massage.

'Thank you sooo much for my amazing facial ;) I did not want to ruin my face by putting makeup on..but I did and never looked better :) Still feeling fabulous 7 hours later :)' Merle C.

Mini Facial


A “one facial fits all” treatment that incorporates all the basic elements of a facial. Lasting approximately 30 minutes a mini facial targets problem areas quickly and is great for people on the go, as a lunch-time treat or just to get acquainted with what facials are all about!

Tween/Teen Facial $50.00

This is the perfect age to begin and reinforce skin care routine & maintenance. Gentle products will be used to remove dead cells, unclog pores and help keep skin clear and soft.

Gentleman’s Rescue Facial $75.00

Men sometimes tend to neglect taking care of their faces. This relaxing yet therapeutic facial is tailored to the specific needs of men’s skin, which is challenged by daily shaving and structural differences. This facial removes impurities and includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliation and re-hydration for an improved look and exceptional feel.

A pound of prevention, as they say, is far better than ten pounds of cure.

As a friend of Linda's, I've had the pleasure of watching her progress through each step of her career in aesthetics. She has spent countless hours studying endless amounts of material and even more time and effort practicing hands-on. After experiencing her services first-hand through a couple of facials and brow wax, it is clear that Linda not only has a genuine passion for skin care and cosmetics, but also a natural-born talent.
Brandon T.

Nourishing Backcial $70.00 & up

For that hard-to-reach back and shoulder area, this treatment concentrates on relaxation, exfoliation and muscle toning and is the perfect preparation when wearing back-revealing fashion. The back is deeply cleansed and exfoliated under steam, followed by a massage infused w/essential oils, mask and hydration. Leaves your back soft, hydrated and fully nourished.





Add a natural fruit enzyme to any facial above. Choose from Cranberry, Pumpkin, Cherry-Berry, Mango, and Zesty Orange!

Enzymes are not only good for nutrition but also accelerate the natural exfoliation process to get rid of dead skin cells, promote young cell renewal and visibly diminish scars, stretch marks, aging spots, fine lines, sun damage and skin discoloration.

Enzymes penetrate the upper layers of the tissue cleansing pores and improving skin texture, tone, elasticity and tautness.


Full Body Treatments

Salt Glow Polish
Full Hour $80.00/ Half Hour $40.00

Most requested spa service. This soothing & relaxing treatment will begin with a full body exfoliation followed by a "salt scrub" and luxurious body butter infused with cutom blended essential oils chose specifically to address your concerns. This treatment will add vital nutrients to tired, dull-looking skin.

Spray Tan Application

Full Body $50.00 & up/ Partial Body $25.00 & up

Perfect all year long.. Lasting 7-10 days. The main ingredients are Aloe Vera Extract, Alpha-Hydroxy Acid, Pro Vitamin B5, Cranberry Seed Extract & Essential Oils & More. Give your skin a Tahitian sun kissed glow without the danger of harmful UV rays.

Specialized Treatments


1/2 hr. $40 / 1 hr. & 70

A relaxing treatment applied to feet and hands.

Paraffin Hand Dip $15.00
Paraffin Foot Dip $25.00

This therapeutic treatment begins with an exfoliation of the area to be ‘dipped’, a moisturizer is applied, then the hands/feet are dipped into a warm, fragrant wax bath. Increases circulation, feels soothing & relaxing, provides relief of minor pains due to arthritis, joint inflammation, muscle stiffness & injury. Moisturizes skin, plumps & hydrates to minimize appearance of fine lines, open pores to detoxify.

Brow Tint $17.00

Brow tinting is a simple way to groom and shade eyebrows, adding just a hint of color lasting up to 4-6 weeks.

Eyelash Tint $25.00

Eyelashes are dyed with vegetable dye to make them look tantalizing & darker without having to apply mascara. Beneficial for people w/sensitivities to make-up, active in sports (especially swimming), contact lens wearers and those short on time that don’t want to apply mascara.

What I really like about Ms. Linda is the time she takes to do my eyebrows…perfect!  Also, she has blessed hands, very, very gentle.  The spa is incredible, a serene place to get relaxed! 
Leyda T. 

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